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By using our service, you agree to these rules.


1) Be Respectful to Staff and Players

2) No Racism, Sexism, Hate-Speech, Bullying or Harassment

3) No Hacking or Spamming of any kind. Please ask Staff before installing client based mods.

4) No advertising or sending links in Minecraft chat or Discord.

5) No Griefing, Stealing, Server Exploiting or Scamming.

6) No Purposely Overloading the Server

7) Please do not ask for; roles such as Op/Admin/Mod etc, Spawnable Items or Creative Modes.

8) This server is for Mature Adults. Swearing is not a bannable offense, unless accompanied with the rules above.


Any Questions, or to report a player, please see our Mods on our Discord or Ingame.

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